Fortune Street
Series Steam Rolled
Console Wii
Episodes 11
Playlist Arin, Suzy, and Barry yell at Ross for not pressing 2 in Fortune Street on the Wii!
Run November 5, 2013 - November 15, 2013
Status Complete
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Fortune Street is a game on the Wii, and is the 7th game played on Steam Rolled.

Game informationEdit

Fortune Street (いただきストリート Itadaki Sutorīto lit. "Top Street") (also known as Boom Street in Europe and Australia) is a computer board game series originally created by Dragon Quest designer Yuji Horii. It became so popular that Horii decided it should be its own game. The first game was released in Japan on Nintendo's Family Computer console in 1991. Since then, sequels have been released for the Super Famicom and Sony's PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo DS. The series was exclusive to Japan until the announcement of Fortune Street for the Wii.


  1. Invest in Rage
  2. Suit Yourself
  3. Boo Goo
  4. Fear Estate
  5. Goody Gumdrops
  6. A Lot of Gold
  7. Head in the Clouds
  8. The Fruit Stand
  9. Four Much Fun
  11. Finale

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