"What's goin' on with your Miis, bro?"

Funny Mii Thing
Funny Mii Thing


This shit be wack, yo.

Release date

August 12, 2012




Funny Mii Thing - Game Grumps

"Funny Mii Thing" is a special episode of Game Grumps.

Arin had bought a used Nintendo Wii from the Glendale Galleria Mall GameStop in California, which turned out to have many weirdly named Miis on it.

Miis Edit

  • t
  • ffzho
  • yty
  • tr7rfy6rtf (made by tsgutbbt)
  • ffm
  • ftt
  • srty (When Arin talked about abbreviations, he demonstrated this one as "Sorry Really, Thank You". The character was accidentally favorited by Jon. It was later used by Jacob Anderson on the Guest Grumps episode "Wheel of Fortune with Special Guest Jacob Anderson")
  • strgg (Possibly Jon's favorite Mii. In Pokemon Emerald, the Game Grumps name their Nincada after this Mii)
  • e4io (A character with a slightly real name, according to Jon. It sounds like Euphoria. It was used by Arin on the "Wheel of Fortune with Special Guest Jacob Anderson" episode)
  • d677 (Nicknamed granny d677)
  • sr677
  • fd
  • cfgh (Abbreviation of "Crappy Farts Go Home" ; Also called the "Ant Lord" by Jon)
  • rt776yhu (A character deemed similar to Steve Urkel from the famous sitcom, Family Matters, by Arin)

Reasoning Edit

According to user LiuBaio on YouTube, who used to work at the Glendale Galleria Mall GameStop, the Wii was previously used at the GameStop for customers to demo, before apparently going on sale.

Another idea is that the names are secret codes used by the FBI or similar organizations.

Trivia Edit

  • The thumbnail for the video has a Miyamoto Mii, with a label "Miyamoto (Not Racism)".
  • As seen on the Wii menu, Super Smash Bros. Brawl was in the Wii.
  • Looking at the clock at the bottom of the Wii Menu screen, the video was recorded on August 4th 2012. This means the video was recorded about 8 days before being posted on the Game Grumps YouTube channel.
  • The Wii used in this episode was also used in Wheel of Fortune, and the Grumps play the game as srty (Arin, but he thought he picked strgg) and e4io (Jon).
  • This is one of the shortest gameplay videos (not counting Animated and Misc. videos) that the Game Grumps have posted, at 2 minutes and 16 seconds.
  • Arin used rt776yhu in the [Deal or no Deal] videos with Danny. All the other Miis can be seen in the Mii selection.