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Arin Hanson
Dan Avidan
Suzy Berhow (Date Grumps only)
Jon Jafari (former)
Ross O'Donovan(former)


Ben Perry (editor)
Matt Watson (editor, formerly)
Ryan Magee (editor, formerly)
Barry Kramer (occasional editor, formerly)
Kevin Abernathy (editor, formerly)
Jon Jafari (editor, formerly)
Tucker Prescott (cinematographer)
Brent Lilley (manager)
Jack Walsh
(intern, formerly)

Vernon Shaw
(creative development)

Allie Kaylor
(social media)

Hanna Leiber
(stream manager)

Ike Mancini




July 18th, 2012 - Present

Game Grumps is a Let's Play web series hosted on the Game Grumps channel.


The idea for Game Grumps proper came from an argument between Arin and Jon, who were having a debate about the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl and whether or not the character Wolf was a clone of Fox. A friend of theirs said they should make a podcast where they talk it out, and Arin came up with the name Game Grumps. This idea evolved into both the Game Grumps channel and Let's Play series. The show debuted on July 18, 2012.

On August 22, 2012, Game Grumps VS, a spin-off of Game Grumps, debuted. The show is virtually the same as Game Grumps with the exception that the Game Grumps play two-player versus games. The show shares the same time slot as Game Grumps.

In September 2012, Barry took over the role of editing Game Grumps videos from Jon.

On June 25, 2013, it was announced that Jon would be leaving Game Grumps in order to focus on his own show JonTron, and that Arin's friend Danny from Ninja Sex Party would be serving as his replacement.

In October 2013, Ghoul Grumps, a cosmetic change for Halloween, debuted. The only differences between Ghoul Grumps episodes and regular Game Grumps episodes are branding and generally the games played on the show are Halloween or scary-themed. Unlike Game Grumps VS episodes, Ghoul Grumps episodes are still considered to be Game Grumps episodes and not their own show. In December 2013, a similar Christmas-themed Jingle Grumps debuted. In February 2014, Valentine's Day-themed Date Grumps debuted, with Arin's wife Suzy appearing in place of Danny.

Late in 2014, Kevin was announced to be taking over the role of editor of Game Grumps from Barry.

On April 1st 2015, Arin and Ross introduced a currently single-episoded spin-off called Toon Grumps. As it was April Fools' Day, they were fibbing that they canceled Game Grumps and Steam Train, in order to go back making animated videos. Ever since, they haven't done another Toon Grumps episode so far, and revealed that they lied about putting an end to their Let's Play series.

In the summer of 2016, Kevin resigned from the Game Grumps channel, and Matt and Ryan of SuperMega became the new editors of Game Grumps.


Game Grumps follows a simple format. The Game Grumps play a video game, usually a console game with occasional exceptions, and commentate over the footage. Episodes are generally about ten minutes long, but vary in length, with some episodes reaching over an hour. Most series are recorded in chunks of seven episodes at a time, which allows them to release one series throughout the week.

Unlike other popular let's players, such as Markiplier and PewDiePie, the Game Grumps do not use a face cam. The videos generally only feature game play footage, with few exceptions. Some Lovelies pressured the Grumps to add a facecam, and they made fun of it on April Fools day, 2016, by playing The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword, one of Arin's most hated games ever, but with no gameplay footage at all, and only a facecam. However, there were sounds heard from the game, and a portion of the television screen was slightly reflected through a window. On the note of playing Skyward Sword, Arin still said that they would genuinely play through it as a regular series.

Game Grumps, along with Game Grumps VS and Guest Grumps, feature exclusively the two Game Grumps as hosts: Arin, alongside Danny or Jon before his departure from the channel.

Most of the other shows on the channel follow the same format as Game Grumps, with key differences, such as different hosts or types of games played.


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  • The games played on Game Grumps are generally exclusive to console games. However, the Game Grumps have played the PC versions of games that were also released on consoles, such as Dark Souls III and Doom. They have also played demos of games on PC, including Shovel Knight and Indivisible.
  • One of the predecessors of Game Grumps came about as a show idea by Arin called Mailbag Gaming, where Arin and Chris would play games that were sent to his PO box. By Arin's own admission, this format never took off, and the idea of a Let's Play channel stewed for a while longer.
  • On the Game Grumps reddit page, they have a google doc telling every game they've played