Game Grumps Animated
Game Grumps Animated


Arin Hanson (voice)
Jon Jafari (voice)
Dan Avidan (voice)
Ross O'Donovan (voice)


Arin Hanson (animator)
Flannelson (animator)
Barry Kramer (animator)
Esquirebob (3D animator)
Ross O'Donovan (animator)
Various other animators




August 19, 2012 - Present

Game Grumps Animated is a series of videos released by the Game Grumps. It consists of animations of scenes from the Game Grumps playthrough episodes. The animations were originally mainly done by Arin. Fan animators Flannelson and Esquirebob have been recruited by the Grumps to make official animations for the channel, and their creations are now the main highlight of Game Grumps Animated. Barry made a Grep Animated as an April Fools' Day joke.

Animations were made sporadically for the channel during its first year. After Jon's departure from the channel, animations became much less frequent, with Sad Hoshi being the only official animation made during Danny's first year on the channel. The channel started to receive new weekly animations in December of 2014, with guest animators frequently providing their work to the channel. Steam Train Animated was introduced to the channel on December 25th, 2014 with Dinkles the Buff Nerd. Grumpcade Animated made its debut on March 12th, 2015 with Patti's Mayonaise.

New animations are uploaded to the Game Grumps channel every Thursday.

TehGrep Game Grumps Channel Animations

Fan Animations Edit

Game Grumps animations were made by fans even before the Game Grumps released their own, although the name "Game Grumps Animated" was rarely used prior to the official Game Grumps Animated. Jon and Arin have said that they enjoy watching these videos, and have commented on and liked various fan animations.

Unofficial Game Grump Animated have been done by popular YouTubers and friends of Arin and Jon's. These include Ross's SPAGET, Suzy's Tong Poo Poo and Shnikkles (Jon's girlfriend)'s Get That Magi!. There have also been Game Grumps animations that do not use actual audio from Game Grumps episodes, such as psychicpebbles' Game Grumps Aminated and Ukinojoe's GAME GRAMPS. Super Psyguy has announced that the April 1st episode of CrickeyDave's "Does A Thing" series will be about Game Grumps; it won't feature audio from the series, but it will feature voice work by Lloyd "Paparaptor" Hanson, Arin's father.[1]

Some videos use multiple audio from multiple episodes. For example, Game Grumps Movie Trailers 1, 2 and 3 by GregzillaGT and Game Grumps Amalganimated by KurreMurre. The first official Game Grumps Animated to do this was Fake Laughs by David Borja.

Behind the Scenes Edit

While initially Game Grumps Animateds were treated as hobby projects, currently Arin and the rest of the Grumps commission animators to create content specifically for the Game Grumps channel where they can reach a wider audience, usually from animators who have created fan animations before on their own time. Ross has previously discussed that Youtube's monetization systems make it unsustainable to create channels based entirely on short, infrequently posted animations, so by uploading to the Game Grumps channel itself they are able to monetize the content effectively.[2] For this reason they have commonly requested animators to make their episodes at least a minute long, because doing that allows them to break even on ad revenue.


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