Game Gyaru


Game Gyaru is a collection of merchandise launched by the Game Grumps in December of 2018, themed around 80s anime. The collection features characters based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively.

The characters were designed by David Liu, an artist from The Odd Gentlemen (creators of the King's Quest reboot) who specializes in an 80s anime style. [1] The logo was designed by Lilyloo, with shirt designs contributed by David Liu and Mariel Cartwright, artist and character designer from Lab Zero Games. [2]

The collection is hosted on the Game Grumps merch store.


The Game Gyaru lineup was originally teased on the Game Grumps Twitter account, with images of characters resembling Arin and Danny in an 80s anime style. Two days later, the lineup was announced in full on the Game Grumps Twitter account, launching alongside a dedicated store hosted on Myshopify on December 7th. The collection included a set of stickers, shirts and mouse pads themed after the characters. Over the next several days, Arin and Suzy would reveal many of the artists who worked on the project on Twitter. [3]


Even before the official announcement of the Game Gyaru lineup, the character designs for Arina and Daniella drew much attention on Twitter and spawned a large amount of fanart, with much of the fanart retweeted by the Game Grumps account themselves, along with David Liu.

Once the store proper launched, the entire Game Gyaru collection sold out within days.

However, many were more critical of the concept in light of the Grumps' past behavior and tendency towards lewd jokes, and the idea of Dan, a man almost in his forties, choosing to portray himself as a sexy anime girl in merchandise. Some critics also brought up artist David Liu's association with The Odd Gentlemen, and the company's controversies surrounding a Kickstarter campaign for a Homestuck adventure game.


  • According to the reference sheets posted on the Game Grumps Twitter account, the initial working title for Game Gyaru was "Project Grumpy Pair".
  • The store page for the Game Gyaru mouse pads notes that the Arina model offers more support than the Daniella variant. What this means in regards to Arin and Danny's personal relationship is uncertain.
    • It probably means the Arin one has bigger bazonkadonks.



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