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June 11th, 2015




Game Grumps Animated - Game of Grumps - by PixlPit

"Game of Grumps" is an official Game Grumps Animated by PixlPit. It uses audio from "The Amazing Frog?", "Mappy-Land", "Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo", and the StarTropics episode "Death Puppies!".

The Animation Edit

The animation starts out with an a capella parody of the Game of Thrones theme. Arin sits on a throne and declares himself king, and tempts Danny with his crown. Dan suddenly starts bouncing on mattresses, then goes in to try to steal Arin's crown. He begs Barry to do something, to which he pulls out a bazooka to blow Danny a thousand feet away. Danny later jumps off a ship mast to take Arin's crown. Later still, Ross is prepared to use a guillotine to cut Danny's head off, but Arin intervenes, and sends the blade into Ross' head. Arin continues to taunt Danny with the crown, and eventually finds Danny has grown tired of chasing Arin, and is trying to sleep. Later, the two smoke from a bong, and go back to fighting for the crown, leading to Arin losing the crown when he's launched by catapult. The crown then falls onto Suzy's crown, to which she menacingly declares "Suzy won."

Trivia Edit

  • This animation is one of the few to incorporate all five Grumps as characters, despite Barry and Ross not having lines.

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