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The Genesis is the third home video game console manufactured by Sega.


The Genesis was released on October 29, 1988 in Japan (as the Sega Mega Drive), August 14, 1989 in North America, and November 30, 1990 in PAL regions, as the successor to the Sega Master System. As Sega was in a fierce rivalry with Nintendo, the Genesis had the same rivalry with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Genesis was succeeded by the Sega Saturn in 1994.

On Game GrumpsEdit

The Game Grumps have played five games on the Genesis. The system that Arin owns and is used on Grumps was modified for S-Video output. Jon and Arin hate the Genesis controller (the three button and six button versions) and have said that it feels like the PlayStation 3 boomerang controller that Sony showcased at E3 2005. Both Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic 3D Blast for the Genesis were played on the show with Sonic Mega Collection Plus for the PlayStation 2.

Games playedEdit

Sega CD Edit

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