"Goldeneye for an Eye"
Series Game Grumps VS
Game GoldenEye 007
Description Oh yeah it's Parsi I looked it up right afterwards oops. Also this is a video where Jon and I play Goldeneye how cute. (also we talk about genocide)
Release Date August 31, 2012
Length 11:56
Link Game Grumps VS - Goldeneye for an Eye
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Goldeneye for an Eye is the fifth episode of Game Grumps VS, and the only episode of GoldenEye 007.

Gameplay Edit

Jon and Arin play a round of Goldeneye deathmatch on the Complex level, with Arin playing as Ourumov and Jon playing as Boris. Jon beats Arin with a score of 10 to 3, winning the match.

Discussion Edit

The Game Grumps discuss their opinion of the game in this episode, however, they spend most of their time talking about various genocides that have happened throughout history, which led Jon to create the name "Genocide Grumps".

This episode is best known for Arin's rant at the last two minutes about how Goldeneye is a terrible game now, and mocking the game AVGN-style. 

Quotes Edit

Arin: Fucking, god damn this fucking god damn Goldeneye bullshit! This game's a piece of ass on platter! This game's a donkey dick diarrhea shoved in my asshole! This game a bunch of poopy dicks smelling all over a skunk's anus! This is a gorilla butt smeared on my face while I watch Oprah! 

Jon: It's like if you took a bunch of turkeys, and then you put the turkeys in an apple, and then the turkeys fall off waterfalls... 

Arin: (running his character, Ourumov, in circles, confused) Look at this...what am I doing? What am I doing? 

Jon: (as Boris, shooting Arin's character, killing him) Getting owned...getting raped. 

Arin: This game's a poop-smelling, shit-stained, ass, cah-rotch, m..Bart fart, smelly Simpsons comedy...everybody's got a good day ahead of them. I don't because I'm playing this game. This game has a bunch of... 

Jon: (singing) Bro, I don't know what you're saying to me... 

Arin: This game has a bunch of dudes programming in the background going "oh we really fucked up." This game is a...pile of festering putrid ass-juice pouring out of my mouth, while I watch a Vietnamese man getting shot in the face 17 times by another Vietnamese man.   

(after Jon wins the game)

Arin: Fuck! 

Jon: 3-10! I won! 

Arin: This game's a bunch of ass-cloud, vomit-inducing, barfff...arrhea! This game...(breaking in laughter) 

Jon: (laughing) Did you say "barfarrhea?!" 

Arin: This game's a putrid pile of ass-dropping as I slurp it up with my pinky up and I smell a dude's asshole after he had some chili! This game's a bunch of JON WINS!!! 

(clip of a straight-up shot of Jon with the captions "JON@WINS.POOP" while the Super Mario 3D Land overworld theme plays in speed up) 

Jon: I have no doubt this is the worst episode of Game Grumps ever. We talked about fucking genocides.

Gallery Edit

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