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March 25, 2013 - Present

Guest Grumps is a spin-off series of Game Grumps in which each episode features a special guest star playing and commentating alongside the Game Grumps.


Early in Game Grumps, Arin and Jon often talked about having guests on the show. At MAGFest 11, they announced that they would be having their first guest on the channel, Grant Kirkhope. Grant later appeared in the first episode of Guest Grumps.

Following the first episode, and later Jon's departure from the channel, Guest Grumps went on a long hiatus. Arin and Danny discussed bringing back Guest Grumps, but its return was delayed for multiple reasons. Originally, when Game Grumps was recorded in Arin's house in the original Grump Room, they wanted to get a new couch before inviting a guest over. After moving into the Grump Office, the biggest factor delaying new Guest Grumps episodes was scheduling issues with the guests. In that time Grumpcade was introduced, which seemed to serve as a more casual replacement where they could invite friends of the show to play games every now and again.

More than three years after the first episode of Guest Grumps, the second episode was finally uploaded on April 18, 2016, featuring Steve-O. In the next month, four more episodes of Guest Grumps were uploaded, two episodes featuring Jacob Anderson, one episode featuring Claudio Sanchez, and one episode featuring Rob and Patricia Schneider.


The format of Guest Grumps is slightly different than other shows on the channel. Unlike other shows, Guest Grumps does not focus as much on the game as it does the featured guest. The Game Grumps converse with their guest in a sort of interview format while playing games.

Another difference between Guest Grumps and other shows on the channel is that it is not uncommon for the Game Grumps to play more than one game in one episode. The games played are determined in various ways. For some guests, the group plays games relating to the guest, such as Rare games for Grant Kirkhope and the Game of Thrones for Jacob Anderson. Sometimes guests request for play a specific game, such as Jacob Anderson wanting to play Mario Kart and Patricia Schneider wanting to play Mortal Kombat.


Game Grumps[]



Jon and Arin[]

Danny and Arin[]

  • Gauntlet II with Michael Ornstein (featuring Michael Ornstein)
  • Scooby Doo Mystery Mayhem with Rob Huebel (featuring Rob Huebel)
    • Games played: Scooby Doo Mystery Mayhem
  • Contra With Special Guests Rob and Patricia Schneider (featuring Rob and Patricia Schneider)
  • Mom Hid My Game w/ Special Guest WEIRD AL (featuring Weird Al Yankovic)
  • odd1sout Masters BASIC Phonics (featuring TheOdd1sOut)
  • Playing an ENDLESS COURSE with a Mario Maker MASTER! (featuring TheOdd1sOut)

Gallery []

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  • The intro for the first episode was composed by Grant Kirkhope, the guest of that episode. Arin has stated that because Grant is a composer it made sense that he write his episode's theme music. Arin also speculated that each future guest would have their own personalized theme.
    • The theme for new Guest Grumps has been a beatbox acapella theme (similar to the Grumpcade theme) where the guest is introduced, followed by the words "And the show('s name) is Guest Grumps."
  • Jacob Anderson, Finn Wolfhard, Rob Schneider, Patricia Schneider, Weird Al Yankovic, Ben Schwartz, Thomas Middleditch and TheOdd1sOut are currently the only guests to have appeared in more than one episode of Guest Grumps.
  • Arin and Danny have recorded multiple times with Rick and Morty animator Justin Roiland. Unfortunately, each time something has gone wrong with the recording and the footage has become unsalvageable.
  • On multiple occasions, the Grumps have expressed desire for actor Chris Pratt to appear on the show.
  • As of May 2018, it was apparent that Guest Grumps was halted, and as of December 2018, the most recent episode is Mario and Sonic at the Rio Olympics With Special Guests Rhett and Link, uploaded in April 2018. The next episode aired on January 18th, 2019 featuring Weird Al Yankovic.