Guild Grumps
Guild Grumps


Arin Hanson
Danny Avidan
Ross O'Donovan
Barry Kramer
Suzy Berhow
Holly Conrad (guest)
Jesse Cox (guest)


Scott Kaser (sound)
Steve Failows (director of photography)
Aaron Umetani (director)
William A. Harless (editor)
Ashley Swaby (illustration and design)
Porter Vinson (logo and 3D animation)
Brian Wecht (Guild Grumps theme song)




June 8th, 2015 - June 12th, 2015

Guild Grumps is a series that focuses on the Grumps playing World of Warcraft. The series was announced at MAGFest 13 and the first episode aired June 8th, 2015. The series featured Arin, Danny, Barry, and Suzy playing World of Warcraft while Ross attempts to teach them to play well enough to get to the game's level cap (100) from level 90 in just 5 days. The series is presented similar to a reality show as opposed to the normal video format.





  1. EPISODE 1
  2. EPISODE 2
  3. EPISODE 3
  4. EPISODE 4
  5. EPISODE 5


The series was announced at MAGFest 13 in 2015, accompanied with a teaser trailer that was shown.


Ross has forced Arin, Danny, Barry, and Suzy to play World of Warcraft, despite never having played an MMO before. However, he is starting the four off with characters already at level 90, and they are given five days to bring their characters up to the game's level cap of 100.

The five play as the following classes:

  • Ross - Worgen Rogue
  • Barry - Dwarf Shaman
  • Arin - Human Paladin
  • Suzy - Draenei Mage
  • Danny - Night Elf Hunter

Together, the five grumps make up the D Club on the Alliance side of the Ursin server, which is also home to Ross' Game Grumps Guild.

The series is presented in the style of a reality TV series, with live action segments and interviews with the grumps as they detail their experience with the game. Danny leaves the guild at the beginning of Part 3 due to burnout. Suzy does the same before Part 4 for the same reason. Danny is replaced with Jesse Cox for that episode, and Holly steps in for Part 4 and stays for Part 5 as well.

Additional Information Edit

  • The series won't be exclusive to World of Warcraft and may feature other MMOs in the future.[1]
  • In the Guild Grumps Trailer it is written on the whiteboard that if they reach their level 100 goal they will donate $1000 each to a charity of their choice. The ones that don't reach level 100 will split their donation in half and will evenly distribute it to the ones that did reach level 100.
  • 3D animator Esquirebob provides some of his work for the series, with a short clip of the five Grumps in-game as their characters.


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