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"Hard Times"
Episode 9
Series Game Grump
Game Mega Man X
Description Arin dives into topics like reading comments and being a personality and he also tries to destroy a bug.
Release Date November 5th, 2016
Length 20:11
Link MegaMan X: Hard Times - PART 9 - Game Grump
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"Hard Times" is the ninth episode of Arin's solo playthrough of Mega Man X on Game Grump.

Game Progress Edit

Arin tries to take on Boomer Kuwanger again, but struggles more and more to reach him, let alone beat him.

Discussions Edit

Continuing on the discussion of privilege, Arin talks about economic inequality, and how people who are living comfortably ought to be giving back to those in need. Arin mentions using his Youtube income and Twitter presence to promote others, such as funding people's Patreons and hiring people to animate for the channel, with an ultimate goal of creating his own art school scholarship. Arin argues that giving money to starving people is important too, but an art school scholarship is more personal to him because he's known what it's like to be a starving artist.

Arin discusses the possibility of giving up on the Buster-only challenge entirely, since he needs to fill a quota of videos before they go on tour. He also admits that he's running out of things to say, and wonders whether he should stop at nine episodes.

While Arin is grateful for having found a living on Youtube, he also talks about the downsides of the profession, such as people who get on his case for not reading the comments. He argues that reading Youtube comments is counterproductive to his own goals of entertaining people, and how a single rude comment can ruin his day, especially when people speculate about his and Dan's relationship. He also argues that the viewers do not have ownership of the show, and that he decides what direction the show takes, even if viewers threaten to leave.

Arin also mentions how people accuse him of being a poor player, and while he does not contest the claim, he does say that it leads to a better show. He uses their Mario Maker series as an example, where people enjoy seeing the process of him and Dan struggling and finally beating the levels. He claims that the comments they get have a different purpose than when people directly engage with him, and how the commenters' outbursts of anger have no meaning to him.

Arin also brings up the Furious Famicom Faggot, and how that show is the reason he's grown attached to the word "clod" (as opposed to Steven Universe, which he's never seen). He also mentions meeting Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey at the airport, and how he was a fan of Ian's old show nockForce.

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