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Hex Heroes is an upcoming Party RTS game for the Wii U and PC by Prismatic Games. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter and will feature the Game Grumps as playable characters who will also be voiced by them. The game's music will be composed by Grant Kirkhope.


Players will command units to explore, construct buildings, fight enemies and collect resources. Using the Wii U gamepad, the player can perform tasks from there and can also command other players.

Playable cameo charactersEdit

The game features cameos from characters of various franchises who will replace the default in-game class characters. Arin, Danny and Ross with Orph. It also includes the titular character from Shovel Knight, Zoya from Trine, Lady Faye IV from Rogue Legacy, and Cyrus from Wizorb, four games which the Grumps have played. Classes which you can choose to play as are Scout, Knight, Woodcutter, Rogue, Elementalist, Necromancer, Angel and Wizard.



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