Human: Fall Flat
Human Fall Flat
Series Steam Train
Console PC
Episodes 6
Run August 7th, 2016 - August 13th, 2016
Status Hiatus
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Human: Fall Flat is a PC game played by Ross, Arin, and Oney on Steam Train.

Episodes Edit

  1. Wobbly Wacky Freaks
  2. Privileged Grumps
  3. Wrecking Ball
  4. Flippers and Dips
  5. Castle Crushers
  6. Ziplining to Success


  • On April 3rd, 2018, Barry streamed the game on his twitch channel. At 4:02:01 of the stream, lovelie Vitas Varnas cheered 1000 bits to Barry and additional bits throughout the remaining half hour.[1]


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