Hustle Cat
Hustle Cat
Series Steam Train
Console PC
Episodes 4
Run June 13th, 2016 - June 16th, 2016
Status Hiatus
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Hustle Cat is a PC game played by Arin and Suzy on Steam Train.

Episodes Edit

  1. Cat Heaven
  2. Strangest Interview
  3. Dinner Party
  4. Busy Day

Steam Game Information Edit

You are Avery Grey, the newest employee at a popular cat cafe called A Cat's Paw. The coffee's good and the staff is friendly (and kinda cute!) but mysterious. One day, you find a strange book in the basement, with letters you can't quite read...

You'll work hard at A Cat's Paw, but there's still time to get to know your new coworkers! Who's your favorite? The brusque, but devoted cook Mason? Or maybe Reese, the fashion-obsessed waiter who knows more than he says? And there's always your strange-eyed boss, the enigmatic Graves.

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