Episode 107
Super Mario Maker 107
Series Game Grumps
Game Super Mario Maker
Description Just SICK OF IT.
Release Date July 27th, 2016
Length 12:41
Link Super Mario Maker: I'M BORING - PART 107 - Game Grumps
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"I'M BORING" is the one hundred and seventh episode of Super Mario Maker on Game Grumps.

Gameplay Edit

Arin continues playing "Luigi's Fun-house" and finally beats it halfway through the episode after discovering new routes he can take. Arin then plays "Blackcherry Cavern" by Kosten.

Discussions Edit

Danny discuss the different methods of shaving and how important the ritual is to each of them. This leads to a discussion about how doing little things for yourself each day is important, which leads to Arin joking about how boring he is.

Arin says that his father got him a guitar a while back, and he and Dan discuss jamming together sometime, with Arin on guitar and Dan on bass.

When Arin begins playing "Blackcherry Cavern" by Kosten, who is Canadian, Arin begins joking about hating Canadians. Dan and Arin discuss different stereotypes and whether certain ones (such as Canadians being nice) are offensive.

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