"It's okay, Arin. Aggro Crag wait for you is he's."
— Jon

"I Don't Have It"
Episode 3
Nickelodeon Guts 3
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Nickelodeon Guts
Description Do ya have it? No.
Release Date January 26, 2013
Length 12:16
Link Nickelodeon Guts: I Don't Have It - PART 3 - Game Grumps VS
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"I Don't Have It" is the third episode of Nickelodeon Guts.

Gameplay Edit

Jon and Arin compete in the Tornado Run challenge, one after the other. Jon completes the challenge in 4 minutes, while Arin gives up six minutes into his run, asking Jon to finish for him.

Discussions Edit

Arin and Jon talk about Kenan & Kel, and how none of the characters on that show act like real human beings: Jon comments that even children with Down's Syndrome wouldn't act like that. Jon immediately regrets this statement, and asks Barry to edit the episode to make him say "Jew" instead, the irony being that at the time Barry was the only Jewish member of the Game Grumps team.

Arin becomes noticeably dejected in this episode as he fails in the challenge.

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