Game Grumps Animated


Brandon Turner

Origin (Game)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Origin (Episode)

Keep Falling


Release date

July 23rd, 2015




Game Grumps Animated - I HATE SUBWAY - by Brandon Turner

I HATE SUBWAY is Brandon Turner's fourth official Game Grumps Animated. It uses audio from the Link to the Past episode Keep Falling, and primarily uses Arin's rant on Subway for inspiration.

The Animation Edit

Danny announces that he caught a bad case of the “fuck you's.” Arin claims he gets this every time he orders at Subway, due to people in front of him taking too long and there being no drive-thru. He gets agitated that he has to explain every bit of his order multiple times. Danny describes the place as a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” He gets especially mad when asked if he wants his flatbread toasted, since the workers are supposed to toast the flatbread anyway. During this rant, another customer takes a video of the incident with her phone, star-struck. Arin gets furious as his sandwich gets toasted for too long. Then, by the time the sandwich gets taken out of the toaster, there is already another worker making his sandwich. She asks Arin if he wants spinach on his flatbread, and Arin says yes, although the worker ends up dumping an entire barrel of spinach on the sandwich. Arin angrily tells the employee that he asked for a bunch of other things on his sandwich, too. He asks her for onions on his sandwich, so she puts two slices of onion on the sandwich. Arin then yells and asks her for more onion. He also asks for mayonaise and sweet onion sauce, although this only gets him strange looks from the workers. Towards the end, Arin decides that he will go home and make his own sandwich. Throughout his rant, Danny and Arin laugh uncontrollably.

In the stinger, Danny tells Arin that all he needed to say was that Subway’s food is gross.

Trivia Edit

  • At over 8 million views, this video is currently the second-most viewed video on the Game Grumps channel as of December 2018.

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