Seán William McLoughlin (born February 7, 1990), better known as Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTuber and Let's Player, best known for his eccentric personality ,catchphrases, green hair and for his character named "Antisepticeye" which fans just call "Anti". He is one of the most popular let's players on YouTube, with over 20 million subscribers. His first video was a Solid Snake impression.

Game Grumps Edit

Seán has been mentioned by the Grumps on a few occasions, usually when also talking about the Grumps intern Jack, who is also Irish.

Seán appeared as a guest via Skype during the "Horsey Give Grumps" stream.

Seán was a guest on Grumpcade, in which he played Shadows of the Damned with Arin and Barry.

Seán was a guest in 10 Minute Power Hour in the episodes Trivia Time (ft. Trivia Boy), Tie Dye For Real (ft. Jacksepticeye?), No Thumbs, No Problem (ft. Jacksepticeye) and Yeti In My Spaghetti (ft. Finn Wolfhard & Jacksepticeye).

The Grumps asked Seán to go on the Ready Player Three tour with them.

Ninja Sex Party Edit

Seán stared in the music video for the Ninja Sex Party song "Cool Patrol". In the video he is shown to bullied in a roller blading rink when Danny attempts to teach him how to be cool and stand up to them. However, his instruction prove unhelpful, as his character is implied to die by the bullies off screen.

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