Jacques is Jon's pet green-cheeked conure. Jon acquired him at Petco, while he was checking out the birds to look for a replacement for a deceased pet parakeet, he saw the then unnamed 'Jacques' squirreling around at the bottom of his cage; Jon described this moment as "Instant love". He appears in all JonTron videos where he is portrayed as a stoic cyborg with a robotic voice and red eyes, providing contrast with Jon's energetic personality.

Jacques was occasionally mentioned by Jon during his tenure on Game Grumps, the most notable being in JonTron Trivia Time, where Jon revealed that the original concept for Jacques' character in the JonTron videos would have him talking in stereotypical jive and would have a human mouth overlaid on top of his beak.

Jacques made his first appearance on New JonTron Video!! - Kings Quest V!, which was removed from the channel due to its controversial nature as advertisement for Jon's channel. He made one other appearance on Jon's weird embarrassing video that was shown on Secret Secrets, where it was implied that he was being dry humped by Jon.

Jacques currently resides in New York with Jon, his girlfriend and her dog.

Trivia Edit

  • Jacques makes a cameo appearance in Grump's Dream Course, where he can be seen nestled in the trees.
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