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Jimmy Whetzel, formerly known as NintendoFanFTW, is a YouTuber who reviews video games. He is a member of Hidden Block.

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Jimmy played the board game Cleopatra and the Society of Architects on Table Flip along with Barry, Suzy, SpaceHamster, and DaveControl. He appeared in another episode with the same group as well as Rocco, Shawn, and Derrick of Mega64, this time playing Camel Up.

Jimmy also appeared on a few Grumpcade episodes, playing Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure and Pepsiman with Ross.

As of recently, Jimmy has returned to play Miitopia on Grumpcade with both Ross and Holly.

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  • Currently Jimmy Whetzel is one of the very few gay Grumpcade guests along with Julian.

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