"I'm the one who duh, writes the comedy... for the clubs. They come to me and they go: "Shit, we don't have no comedy for this club...""
— Jon, boasting about his impeccable sense of humor and sharp wit when coming up with jokes.

"Jon Skates to Olympia"
Episode 6
Kirby Super Star 6
Series Game Grumps
Game Kirby Super Star
Description That Poppy Bros. Jr. He sure is on an apple.
Release Date August 17, 2012
Length 10:43
Link Kirby Super Star - Jon Skates to Olympia - PART 6 - Game Grumps
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"A Pancreas, a Tonsil, and Jack Johnson"

"Jon Skates to Olympia" is an episode of Game Grumps and the sixth episode of Kirby Super Star.

Intro Edit

"Welcome back! I don't know why you came back..." - Jon.

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps finish the third section of the Revenge of Meta Knight sub-game. They start the fourth section and begin the Main Cannon 2 fight.

Discussion Edit

Jon mentions Revenge of Meta Knight is his favourite sub-game, and Arin asks if it was original in this game, to which Jon responds they all are. Arin doesn't think so, and claims Kirby Super Star is a compilation game, since "Spring Breeze is the first Game Boy game" (meaning Kirby's Dream Land). Jon says that might be true, but it's still different.

After Jon notices a propeller in the background is rendered in 3D, Arin brings up Donkey Kong Country, teasing Jon about how much he loves that game. The two then argue, because it doesn't appeal to Arin much, meaning he considers it a good game, but nothing more, to Jon's frustration.

After getting a Game Over, the Grumps parody their own "seven asses" meme, and briefly talk about how the fans made that into "a thing".

Near the end of the episode, Jon suggests they should play Animal Crossing on Game Grumps, which leads to him mentioning he does dislike the "rolling pin world" in the game, despite both of them liking the overall game a lot. Arin defends the idea of the scrolling world, saying it makes you see further, but Jon still thinks it ruins the feel.

Quotes Edit

(After Arin kills both Bonkers, preventing them from getting the Hammer ability)

Jon: What the fuck is your problem?
Arin (singing in his Chilly voice): I don't fucking know, I don't fucking know, I don't fucking know, what my problem is...
Jon: Why did you kill-!
Arin (continuing): I don't fucking know, I don't fucking know-
Jon: That's it! You're outta here!

Outro Edit

Jon: Look, next time on Game Grumps... Yeah, that's right, I'm blue-ballsing you in the middle of a baaaatle!
Arin: Eeeeeuuuuuuu--(the video cuts out)

Trivia Edit

  • Contrary to Arin's assertion, a Bloody Mary does indeed contain alcohol (vodka), and a Virgin Mary is in fact the name of an alcohol-free Bloody Mary.
  • While Arin is correct about the fact that Spring Breeze is a remake of Kirby's Dream Land, it's certainly not an exact remake. Aside from the gameplay mechanics being different in Super Star, various bosses were added, for example.
  • In this episode, Jon suggests playing Animal Crossing for the GameCube on Game Grumps. They do in fact play an Animal Crossing game not much later, but it's Animal Crossing: City Folk instead.

Suggested future games Edit