"Hold on, I think there's a grape over here."

"Jordan vs. Bird: One on One (episode)"
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Jordan vs. Bird: One on One
Description The legendary battle.
Release Date July 17th, 2014
Length 13:26
Link Jordan vs. Bird: One on One - Game Grumps VS
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"Jordan vs. Bird: One on One" is the first and only episode of Jordan vs. Bird: One on One on Game Grumps VS.


Arin: Hey!

Danny: Jordan vs. Bird: One on One!

Arin: You heard it coming-- from the-- If you were a subscriber of the Game Grumps limited edition calender--

Danny: That's not what subscribing means.

Arin: --you saw this way ahead of time-- You saw this in fucking December that we were gonna play this.

Danny: Yeah, but you did not know how wrinkled and strange Michael Jordan's forehead would look. Also, he has hair, which he didn't have.

Gameplay Edit

Arin and Danny play a full game, with Arin playing as Jordan and Danny playing as Bird. The game ends with 87 points for Danny and 32 points for Arin, and Danny is declared the victor of the match, while Arin is declared the best at picking up grapes off the ground.


Danny brings up the infamous "Boom goes the dynamite" video. Arin repeatedly makes jokes about the way the characters move, specifically that they look like they're staring at a grape.


Danny: Look at Larry Bird's face.

Arin: Just a... just a carcophony of deliciousness.

Danny: Carcophony?

Arin: Yeah, carcophony.

Danny: Like a... Like a... [laughs] Pronouncing a non-existent "r"?

Arin: Yup.

Danny: I'm gonna add another "r". It's a carcrophony.

Both: [laughs]


  • This episode was the origin of the "grape off the ground" meme.

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