"I'm sorry if you're offended, folks, but we are the Game Grumps. We're Republicans."
— Arin

"Junkman Smells"
Episode 4
Mega Man 7 4
Series Game Grumps
Game Mega Man 7
Description Can JonTron and Egoraptor shut up ever? Probably.
Release Date July 21, 2012
Length 12:58
Link Mega Man 7 - Junkman Smells - Part 4 - GameGrumps
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"Junkman Smells" is an episode of Game Grumps and the fourth episode of Mega Man 7.

Intro Edit

Jon: And welcome back.

Arin: Welcome back, I-I just- I just beat it because Jon's a fucking loser.

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps play through Junk Man's stage, obtaining the S plate and defeating Junk Man. They begin the Robot Museum stage, defeating Mash.

Discussion Edit

The Game Grumps joke about the weapon Freeze Man gives: Freeze Cracker. They say it is like a black cop arresting a white man.

After saying "faggot," Jon asks Arin if he has said it "in Egoraptor" (referring to the Awesome series). Jon also comments on how it is a word he does not say anymore, and also talks about the "N-word," which is censored by a horn-sound every time it is said. Jon says that he is generally not crude.

Arin tells Jon about how Ross got an email asking if he was "in Egoraptor". He says that neither of them understood what it meant, and wondered if it was "a lame sexual joke". They later realized that the email's author assumed that Egoraptor was a group.

Arin mentions that there is a movie called The Croods by Dreamworks coming, directed by the same guy who did Lilo & Stitch and How To Train Your Dragon.

The Game Grumps make jokes about Junk Man; Jon calls him the Robot Master no one wants to hang out with because he's made of trash.

Jon and Arin talk about the Robot Museum stage and the Mash boss. Arin names some of the Robot Masters in the background, and notices that Plant Man is there twice. While Arin is fighting Mash, Jon points out that there is an intense silence while they focus on the boss.

Jon mistakes a Neo Geo Pocket Color for a WonderSwan, and Arin tells Jon about the differences between the two handhelds.

Quotes Edit

"I've never seen myself as a PC guy" "Oh, so you're more of a console guy?" - Jon and Arin

"Quit licking your weird shit, Mochi!" -Jon

Outro Edit

Jon: Next time, on Batman. Don't worry about it.

Trivia Edit

  • In the video title on YouTube, there is no space between "Game" and "Grumps."