"Just Tap It"
Episode 6
Castle Crashers 6
Series Steam Train
Game Castle Crashers
Description Just tap it just tap it just tap it just tap it. Don't stop don't stop.
Release Date July 4, 2013
Length 9:57
Link Castle Crashers: Just Tap It - PART 6 - Steam Train
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"Just Tap It" is an episode of Steam Train and the sixth episode of Castle Crashers.


Danny: Welcome back to Game Grumps everybody!

Ross: Um, uh...

Danny: Oh wait, I mean uh, Steam Train! *laughs*

Ross: I'm TronJon.

Danny: Sorry, I was thinking about some other shit. *laughs*

Arin: Hi, I'm Egoraptor! And moving on!

Ross: That was my Egoraptor impression everyone!

Danny: Let's try this again let's try this again.

Arin: Why? ?????

Ross: Just keep going just keep going just keep going! They know Arin's here now!

Danny: Egoraptor's not here, he's fine. Everything's cool. And continue Ross. It's you. You are Grey and crap.

Ross: Actually my controller's turned off. SHIT!

Danny: This is Game Grumps. Only Game Grumps would bring you this level of unprofessionalism. Never Steam Train.


Tom Fulp made a website called, uh, 9GAG. *cue picture of the Newgrounds logo with "9GAG" in place of "NEWGROUNDS"* 9GAG? Yeah; you can play funny pictures of cats. - Ross and Danny


Danny: No! Aww, I was gonna bang her! Next Time on Steam Train: I bang her.


  • Ross said that if they post Steam Train on reddit, he would make a reddit post tentatively "Check out this Let's Play my girlfriend made"; it would be a photo of Holly Conrad (Ross girlfriend, who was already married to him by the time this video was recorded) Photoshopped on top of a Let's Play. Although the episode was posted on the Game Grumps sub-reddit (by a bot programmed to post videos from the Game Grumps), Ross did not make the post he promised. However, he did comment on the video's post, to say that it was filmed before Jon's departure.
  • Jon was mentioned in the intro of this episode, having been recorded before his departure.
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