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"Just a Bad Dream"
Episode 13
Series Steam Train
Game Undertale
Description Wake up, wake up, wake up!
Release Date January 22nd, 2016
Length 20:46
Link Undertale Genocide: Just a Bad Dream - PART 13 - Steam Train
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"Just a Bad Dream" is the thirteenth episode of the Undertale Genocide run on Steam Train.

Gameplay Edit

Having wiped out the Core, Ross and Barry fight Mettaton, killing him in one strike. They continue to New Home, where Flowey explains his past to them.

When they reach the Chapel, they are confronted by Sans, who utterly destroys them in one turn.

Discussions Edit

Ross and Barry talk about how Temmie Chang has been talking back to them on Twitter about their playthrough, gloating about how she survived their rampage and they can't buy her armor.

Ross also notices that their character's descriptions of objects has changed, speculating that the Genocide run has turned their character into the first fallen human.

External Links Edit

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