Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog


Game Grumps Animated


Jason Boyer

Origin (Game)

Pokémon Art Academy

Origin (Episode)

Fur Court


Release date

March 17th, 2016




Game Grumps Animated - Kermit the Frog - By Jason Boyer

Kermit the Frog is an official episode of Game Grumps Animated by Jason Boyer. It uses audio from the Pokémon Art Academy episode Fur Court.

The Animation Edit

Ross and Barry are seated in a balcony box like Statler and Waldorf from The Muppets. Ross rants about people who call Kermit their favorite Sesame Street character, as he’s from The Muppets. Kermit (voiced by Barry) then flips Ross the bird from the stage, and says that it’s going up Ross’ butt. This prompts a fight between Ross and Kermit where the slap each other. Barry believes that Ross has killed Kermit, but Ross believes he can take more punishment. Kermit gets up to antagonize him more.

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