King's Quest
King's Quest 2015.png
Series Steam Train
Console PC
Episodes 18 (currently)
Playlist None
Run August 15th, 2015 - August 21st, 2015;
August 29th, 2015 - September 5th, 2015;
September 30th, 2015 - October 1st, 2015
September 23rd, 2018
Status Hiatus (Return promised; all existing content covered)
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King's Quest is a PC game played by Ross and Danny on Steam Train.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. A Special Occasion
  2. Roped Into Action!
  3. Grandpa Jokes
  4. Disco Dancing
  5. Paying the Price
  6. Paying the Bills
  7. Eye for an Eye
  8. Autumn Stroll
  9. Spooky Trails
  10. Knight Life
  11. Trimming Hedges
  12. Friendship Goals
  13. Leg Day
  14. Nip in the Butt
  15. Belly Day
  16. A Softer Touch
  17. Getting Witty
  18. lofi game grumps radio - games to relax/study to pt 4

Steam Information[edit | edit source]

King’s Quest is a collection of five different chapter releases, each focusing on an untold tale in Graham’s past. In each chapter, an aging King Graham reflects on his life of adventure with his granddaughter, Gwendolyn. 

  • King's Quest brings adventure gaming into a new era while staying true to what made the original games beloved; the unforgettable storytelling, wit, puzzles, and of course plenty of ways to die! 
  • Select between the noble pillars of Bravery, Wisdom, and Compassion to see what rippling effects these choices will have on Graham’s journey as well as later chapters. 
  • Puzzles will offer multiple solutions, encouraging players to experiment with their inventory and environment. 
  • Befriend the most unexpected and peculiar of companions throughout Daventry!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the third King's Quest game played on Steam Train.
  • This marks Danny's first appearance on Steam Train since the Sakura Spirit episode Chocolate Spirit. As of the 2017 hiatus, it is also the last game to feature him.
  • Although Ross and Danny agreed to play the rest of the games in the reboot series, the series has since been released in its entirity, which no further games played since the first one.
  • Danny and Ross resumed playing this game on September 23rd, 2018 on a “Steam Train Reunion” livestream.

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