Lovelies (also referred to as Grumps, Grumplings, or Grumpettes) are the Game Grumps fanbase. They were given the name by Arin and Jon in the episode Buggy Buggy in the Sonic '06 playthrough on January 16, 2013, as they don't like referring to their viewers as Fans. After Jon left the show, Arin and Dan continued addressing the fanbase as "Lovelies." Other names for members of the Grumps fanbase as suggested by the hosts include "Cumfaggots," "Penises," "Chubbies," "Tits," "Penis-Tits," "Delicious Treats," "Salty Sams," "A-Holes," and "Adventure Friends." The Lovelies do things to support the Grumps, such as comment, create Memes from their quotes, send the Grumps things and make remixes and animations out of episodes. The Steam Train equivalent are referred to as Passengers. Their main base of operation is the Game Grumps Subreddit.

Notable Lovelies

Lovelies that have been mentioned by name by the Grumps:


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