"I'm a little fucking troll and I'm going to speak in the most stereotypical little leprechaun fucking accent!"
— Jack

"Lucky Charms"
Lucky Charms Stout Train
Series Steam Train
Game Lucky Charms
Description Whoa! It's adam Levine!
Release Date March 17th, 2016
Length 22:00
Link Lucky Charms - Steam Train
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Lucky Charms is the first and only episode of Lucky Charms on Stout Train.

Gameplay Edit

Ross and Barry have Jack voice the comics that accompany the game, as he's Irish. Other than the comics, the game is comprised of simplistic browser games to collect emeralds.

Discussions Edit

Jack attempts to give some background on St. Patrick's Day.

The three bring up JackSepticEye, an Irish Let's Player.

External links Edit

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