Series Template:Game Grumps
Console NES
Episodes 1
Playlist One-Offs - One Game. One Episode. MANY LAUGHS.
Run January 25th, 2015
Status One-off
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"Mappy-Land" is a NES game played by Arin and Danny as a one-off on Template:Game Grumps.

The game was sent in to the show by Ted Kiel.

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Game Information Edit

Mappy-Land (マッピーランド Mappī Rando?) is a video game console-only sequel to the 1983Namco/Midwayarcade game Mappy. The game was developed by TOSEand published byNamco in Japan andTaxan in North America for theNintendo Entertainment System. There are eight themed lands in this game.

In this game, Mappy the Mouse has been given an extended family, including his wife, "Mapico the Mouse" and his son, "Junior the Mouse." However, Goro and his Mewkie thugs are back and trying to stop Mappy from making a new life. Mappy must survive through the levels collecting: Cheese for his girlfriend's (Mapico's) Birthday. Then Re-do them again but collecting rings for his wedding with Mapico. Then again collecting Christmas trees for the Christmas party. This time Mappy collects baseballs for his son's (Jr's) birthday.

There are 4 worlds and 8 levels in each (A train station, The Wild West, an Island setting, a Jungle, a Pirate-ship, Graveyard, a Small Town, and a Giant Castle). Goro goes through many changes during the levels corresponding to the level Mappy is on. In this particular game, Mappy, who is seen not wearing his police cap, can jump to collect essential items for his life or activate traps to knock out the Mewkies and Goro. Some items Mappy collects can be used to distract the Mewkies. Once all the essential items have been collected in a level, Mappy can then proceed to the next.

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