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April 24th, 2016



Mario Kart 64 is a Nintendo 64 racing game. Arin and Danny played the game with 'Game of Thrones' actor Jacob Anderson on Guest Grumps.

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Mario Kart 64 is a kart racing game in which the player controls one of eight selectable Mario characters who race in karts in different race tracks that vary in shape and theme. During a race, the players can obtain random items from special boxes placed in different areas of the track that are used to impede the opposition and gain the advantage. For example, shells and bananas allow the player to attack opponents and slow them down, and Mushrooms grant the player a temporary boost in speed. Mario Kart 64 has 16 race courses and 4 battle courses.

There are four different game modes available in Mario Kart 64: Grand Prix, Time Trial, Versus, and Battle. Grand Prix mode supports both single-player and competitive multiplayer gameplay, while other modes only support one or the other.

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