"Mario is Missing!"
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Game Mario is Missing!
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Classic mario gameplay right here.

Release Date July 3rd, 2015
Length 21:10
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"Mario is Missing!" is the first and only episode of Mario is Missing! on Game Grumps.

Intro Edit

The video opens with Danny appearing in person with Kevin (pretending to be Brian briefly) to promote the release of Ninja Sex Party's new album, Attitude City, on July 17th, 2015. He also promotes physical CD versions of their past albums, NSFW and Strawberries & Cream.

Gameplay Edit

The Grumps wander around through the start of the first level in San Francisco and collect 3 pieces to historical landmarks in the city that have been stolen, talk to pedestrians to learn factoids about their historical importance stomp on Koopas which sometimes have stolen goods on them, and go talk to a Princess Peach lookalike at a kiosk, who quizzes them about these landmarks to see if they aren't giving back phony items for a reward.

Unlike other games in the Mario franchise, this one was not developed by Nintendo and only borrows some elements of the Mario universe. It is mostly centered on educational gameplay and does not take place in the Mushroom Kingdom but the real world instead. It isn't as straightforward as a Nintendo-developed Mario game, which quickly leads to problems in the playthrough.

After pacing around the level for twenty minutes and making little headway, the Grumps get frustrated with the lack of any clear instructions or directions on where to go, what to do, or even how to beat the level, and thus quit playing the game.

Discussions Edit

Arin admits that he played the PC version of this game as a child, so it somewhat seasoned when it comes to the game.

Danny and Arin claims that some of the people shown in the artifacts section of the menu look like Michael Jackson and Dr. Wily.

Danny brings up that ProJared had previously warned him that this game is bad.

Arin uses the honking horn sound effects to fake censor a provocative remark towards Peach.

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