Mary-Kate and Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall
Series Game Grumps
Console PS
Episodes 1
Playlist One game; one episode.
Run December 11, 2012
Status One-off
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Mary-Kate and Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall is the sixteenth one-off game played by Jon and Arin on Game Grumps. The game was sent in to the show by Jenna Mazella.

Episode Edit

Game information Edit

Mary-Kate and Ashley's Magical Mystery Mall is a video game that was produced by Dualstar Interactive, designed by Nickelodeon, developed by n-Space and distributed by Club Acclaim for the PlayStation system in 2000. In the game, the mall has supposedly been cursed and everything is where it doesn't belong, so the player must pass through some levels so that the mall can go back to the way it was. Players do that by collecting some Magical Gems, after passing each level, which offer different challenges.

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