Matthew Kowalewski


Matthew Kowalewski, better known as Matt McMuscles, is a YouTube gamer and game commentator, better known as one of the co-founders of the YouTube channel Super Best Friends Play. He appeared as a guest on Grumpcade in the episode "Spider-Man 3 The Game".



  • He narrated the video about Final Fight for Did You Know Gaming? which was written by lovelie Vitas Varnas.
  • He appears as a portrait in the Hall of Champions level in Shovel Knight.
  • Matt appears In SkullGirls in the form of a background character that randomly shows up in the River King Casino level. He can be seen alongside Woolie as the two appear to have a lot of money in their hands.
    • This was likely because Matt and Woolie donated $2,500 to help fund SkullGirls.
  • When recording with the Grumps Matt was profoundly upset Arin managed to finish the quick time event in Spider-Man 3. Apparently the death animation that involves a woman dying and Spider-Man face-planting is hilarious.
  • Matt is a talented artist who was an active member of Deviant Art prior to his career in video game QA.
  • He once brought a copy of Street Fighter that had stolen cover art he drew. He later found out the person that was selling these games did put a link to his DA account on the artwork.
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