Series Grumpcade
Console 3DS
Episodes 16 (currently)
Run July 29th, 2017 - September 18th, 2017
Status Ongoing
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Miitopia is a Nintendo 3DS game played by Ross, Jimmy Whetzel, Commander Holly and in the later half of the series Matt Watson on Grumpcade.

A tweet confirmed the fact more episodes were filmed. More episodes have yet to been updated/came out.

Episodes Edit

  1. Dan's Butterfly Honey
  2. The Great Sage
  3. Killing Suzy
  4. Blubberin' Babies
  5. The Dankest King
  6. Princess of the Hill
  7. Wicked Witch of The Pigeons
  8. Plumber Prince
  9. Holly Goes to Prom
  10. Tiny Hands
  11. Too Many Ads!
  12. Jake Paul Kills Ross
  13. Lonesome Ross
  14. A New Friend
  15. Onward Ho!
  16. The Cloning Facility

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