Milton's Milton Factory
Milton's Milton Factory


Game Grumps Animated


Brandon Turner

Origin (Game)

Pokémon FireRed Version

Origin (Episode)

What a Dream


Release date

May 14, 2015




Game Grumps Animated - Milton's Milton Factory - by Brandon Turner

"Milton's Milton Factory" is the third official episode of Game Grumps Animated by Brandon Turner. It features audio from the Pokémon FireRed Version episode "What a Dream".

The AnimationEdit

Arin plays the role of Milton. Danny notices that Milton is selling Miltons, and reveals that his name is also Milton. He asks to buy a million Miltons. Arin!Milton suggests that Danny!Milton go to the manufacturer to get the Miltons he wants. He does give Danny!Milton a milk chocolate Milton, then mentions that they're rare and poisonous. Danny!Milton panics that he's dying, and learns that Miltons are for decoration only. Danny!Milton then dies, shocking many children nearby. Arin!Milton still tries to advertise Miltons to the children though.

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