"Muppet Conspiracy"
Episode 3
Pac Man Fever 3
Series Grumpcade
Game Pac-Man Fever
Description The ridiculousness continues!
Release Date April 16th, 2016
Length 12:40
Link Pac-Man Fever: Muppet Conspiracy - PART 3 - Grumpcade
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Muppet Conspiracy is the third episode of Pac-Man Fever on Grumpcade.

Gameplay Edit

Barry and Brian play Meteors, which involves collecting crystals in a crater on the moon. Next up is another round of Solar Soccer. Third, they play Raise the Flag, which involves hitting the right buttons to display a flag. After some repeated games, the two play Launchball, which Barry describes as Bumperballs. Neither of them understand the game's mechanics in time. The last minigame of the episode is Rocket Blast, in which Brian and Barry must shoot rockets coming toward them.

Discussions Edit

Brian reminisces about having a space family.

Barry expresses the desire to design a party game to have as much bullshit as possible.

Brian makes fun of the random names that fill the leaderboards for the minigames.

Brian brings up Audrey, who recently has been lead to believe that Brian works at the Muppet Show. This leads to Brian admitting that he doesn't watch Game Grumps, or even Markiplier as Barry asks. They then talk about a conspiracy that the members of Game Grumps are Muppets characters.

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