"Just so you know, this is not a Let's Play, this is a Let's Murder."
— Ross

"Nothing Lives!"
Episode 1
Series Steam Train
Game Undertale
Description Oh boy here we go...

This episode contains SPOILERS! Make sure to watch our pacifist playthrough first!

Release Date January 8th, 2016
Length 20:53
Link Undertale Genocide: Nothing Lives! - PART 1 - Steam Train
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"Thirst for Blood"

"Nothing Lives!" is the first episode of the Undertale Genocide Run on Steam Train.

Gameplay Edit

Ross and Barry perform a True Reset, undoing the happy ending of their True Pacifist run and starting the whole game all over again. This time they make an effort to grind, staying in the first room with random encounters and killing monsters until they're all dead.

Discussions Edit

Ross and Barry are immediately apprehensive about the playthrough, knowing that it will make them absolutely miserable. Many of their jokes revolve around how they intend to kill Toriel in cold blood, and how emotionally draining this is going to be.

Playing through the tutorial area again, Ross and Barry talk about how the tutorial area is a lot heavier on puzzles than the rest of the game.

Ross talks about his playthrough with Holly, and how she didn't initially know about being able to win fights in a pacifist style. As such she never learned about Sparing as a gameplay mechanic. Ross also talks about how you can use certain items to immediately pacify enemies.

Ross brings up an animation of Flowey transforming into his final boss form, animated by NCH who is an old friend of his from Newgrounds. Ross also talks about emails he's received from fans about the Genocide Run, and how they've spoiled things for him about it. Barry notes that because the gameplay is kind of monotonous, these episodes are likely to turn into podcast episodes like their Pokémon Art Academy series.

Ross talks about how he's trying to dedicate more time to animating with a new personal project. He brings up Toon Grumps as an experiment, and how it went over surprisingly well and he intends to make a follow-up show about animation and comics on his own channel.

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