Alexander Louis


Alexander Louis, better known as Octopimp, is a voice actor and Youtuber, best known for comedic fandubs of anime and webcomics.

He made his debut appearance on the Game Grumps channel on the God Hand playthrough on Grumpcade, where he performed a speedrun of the game.



  • Octopimp's appearances on the show repeatedly reference various Japanese shows and manga.
    • The Grumpcade intro artwork caricature of Octopimp shows him wearing the Faiz Axel Watch from the show Kamen Rider 555.
    • Octopimp's costume in Table Flip is a cosplay of William Anthonio Zeppeli from the long-running manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. His poses, his backstory ("a simple hermit trained in the ways of the Ripple looking for the vampire that killed my father"), and his offer to train Barry are also in direct reference to the character.

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