"One Bread Ahead of the Bread"
Episode 1
Aladdin Genesis 1
Series Game Grumps
Game Aladdin Genesis
Description Nintendo vs. Sega. Sigh....memories...
Release Date March 27, 2013
Length 11:12
Link Aladdin Genesis: One Bread Ahead of the Bread - PART 1 - Game Grumps
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"Runs on Sand"

"One Bread Ahead of the Bread" is the first episode of Aladdin Genesis.

Discussion Edit

Arin mentions that he had his Genesis modded to output S-video, gloating about the better image quality of their capture. He and Jon talk about how much they dislike the Genesis controller, in both its three-button and six-button variants, and compare it to the infamous PS3 "boomerang" prototype controller. Arin also talks about his lack of nostalgic affection for the Genesis, and how it is "objectively inferior" to the Super Nintendo.

While Arin and Jon are initially skeptical of the game's quality compared to the SNES version, they eventually find that the game has its own merits, like the bonus levels that let you play as Abu. Jon is pleased to find that both versions of Aladdin are good games, but he and Arin still prefer the SNES version. They also talk about the different games' approach to making games based on Aladdin, and how the SNES version was superior for focusing on acrobatics rather than swordplay.

Arin brings up the opening scene of the film, and how it was added to better introduce the viewers to the world of Aladdin and balance out the craziness after the Genie is introduced.

Some ways into the second level, Jon and Arin discover a modern-day stop sign in the sands of the desert, which they assume to be confirmation of a popular theory stating that Aladdin takes place in a post-apocalyptic world.
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