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Christopher "Chris" O'Neill (born November 21, 1990) also known as Oney or OneyNG, is an Irish animator on YouTube and Newgrounds, and a former Grumpcade guest. He is a member of the creative studio Sleepycabin alongside Stamper, Spazkid, and several others, and the co-host of Doodle Doods. Chris has a main YouTube account, as well as one for his music, and his gameplay channel Oney Plays which he hosts alongside Ding Dong and Julian.

Game Grumps

Oney has collaborated in the past with the Game Grumps, especially Arin and Ross due to their long history as popular animators on Newgrounds around the same time. Before Game Grumps was conceived, Chris was actually the first person that Arin did a recorded playthrough with which was a live stream of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to record footage for Arin's sequelitis.

He has been mentioned several times on the show. In the episode MetaKnightmare!, Arin uses a robot voice to jokingly order pizza, a voice which he later admitted he learned from Oney. Oney made his first appearance on the channel in the episode Pool of Sadness, when Arin and Danny asked him to momentarily come onto the show and do the robot voice.

Oney later appeared as a guest in two episodes of Table Flip. In his first appearance, he played Poo with Barry, Suzy, Danny, Brian, Spazkid, Michele Morrow, and Nathan Barnatt. In his second appearance, he played Grumptionary with Barry, Suzy, Arin, Spazkid, and Nathan Barnatt.

Oney later appeared in Grumpcade playing Super Smash Bros. Melee with Barry and Ross. He would also later appear in Steam Train series and one-offs.

Games played

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  • On top of his multiple appearances on Game Grumps, Chris has also appeared on SuperMega, a YouTube channel run by Matt Watson and Ryan, in which the latter two would become editors for Game Grumps.
  • Oney animated a portion of Ninja Sex Party's music video for "Unicorn Wizard."
  • Oney openly dislikes film composer Hans Zimmer, believing his compositions are "bland". Although he has later stated that he likes some of his music.
  • Oney and Arin shared a mouth-to-mouth kiss in Lightsaber Fightsaber - Episode IV.
  • In 2016, Oney moved from Philadelphia, PA to Los Angeles, CA.
  • On March 25th, 2019, Oney officially revealed that he was developing a video game featuring 3D art he made using the Blender software. The game's reveal trailer was uploaded to his OneyNG channel on Youtube, making it the first video on the channel posted in 4 years.
    • Chris enjoys making art using the Clip Studio Paint (previously known as Manga-Studio in North America) and Blender softwares, and occasionally posts art he makes with them on his Twitter page, as well as on livestreams.