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Dr. Orpheus


Dr. Orpheus, or Orph, is one of Ross's pet cats along with Mojo.

His first appearance in a Game Grumps video is in the NEW Game Grumps and Steam Train Shirts!! video, where Ross holds him in a manner few cats would enjoy. (He is then instantly replaced by a pan that Ross is using to cook.)

Orph being held by Ross

In the outtakes video many shots of Ross holding him are shown. Despite mostly meeting Ross's grip with patience atypical for a cat, he loses his patience in the last shot and frees himself with cat-like aggression. Orph is typically shown to be a rather lazy cat, and is noticeably large, often referred to as a "fatty" by Ross.

Meow Train head

In the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim play through on Steam Train, Ross made his character a Khajiit based off of Orph. In the Skyrim episode "The Elder Scroll", Ross mentions that he found this article and says that Orph does like to be held despite the article claiming that he doesn't like to be held, which he claims is not true.

Orph appears on the Goddamnit Ross T-shirt being held by Ross.

Ross also held him in "Ultimate Sandwich Announcement" video and plays with him, and Orph seems not to care at all.

His name is a reference to the Adult Swim cartoon "Venture Brothers".

He is seen in the April Fools Joke Show "Meow Train" alongside Mojo. The intro of this video depicts Orph as lazy and apathetic, though he is seen playing excitedly in the video.

At the 2014 RTX panel, Ross said that he was thinking about making a channel for Orph when asked if there will ever be more Cat Grumps.

After Ross and Holly's divorce in September 2018, Orph is currently living with Ross.