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August 26th, 2017


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Our House

"Our House" is a video made by the Game Grumps that is mainly a loop of the lyric "Our house in the middle of our house". The audio for the song mainly comes from the lyric "Our house in the middle of our street" in the song "Our House" by Madness, which had been altered by Barry to instead say "Our house in the middle of our house". Although "Our House" initially appears to be a loop of the same lyric and house opening up to the same house, it actually changes a few times throughout the video, and is ultimately revealed to be a 9-minute long 'ad' for the imaginary company and product 'Fostermen's™ "Sleep-Tite" Pillows', that Arin had been watching the entire time.


Initial Loop

Our house

in the middle of our


(After final loop)

It was where we used to sleep

Segment During Inter-Dimensional/Shrinking House Phase




Is a very, very, very fine house

With two HOUSE

-in the yard

Life used to be so house

Now everything is house "hoUSE'

--Because of




Dr. House Segment

Our House

In the middle of our



  • The audio from the Inter-Dimensional segment is from "Our House" by Crosby Stills, Nash, and Young instead of "Our House" by Madness.
  • Barry makes a cameo at 3:41, where he tells the viewer they are at the wrong house and directs them to the one next door, while eating a bowl of cereal.
    • This likely triggered the events for the inter-dimensional/shrinking house phase of the song
  • The song being an ad for Fostermen's™ "Sleep-Tite" Pillows is foreshadowed at 3:55, where "Sleep Tite" is written on the garage door of a house.
  • If the captions are on, there is a secret message that appears for a moment at the very end of the video (9:08). The message is "BURGIE LOVES YOU ALL".
  • As said before, the song is not a loop. The houses change, the tempo of the lyrics change, and the speeds which the houses are entered changes. There is an inter-dimensional/shrinking house phase starting at 3:41 and ending at 5:35 (the house does not begin to 'shrink' until 4:03), and Dr. House begins to "sing" the song from 6:37 to 8:17, with multiple bizarre effects occurring during this phase.
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