Pass the Mustard, Batman
Pass the Mustard Batman


Game Grumps Animated



Origin (Game)

Pokémon FireRed

Origin (Episode)

Pass the Mustard


Release date

December 3rd, 2015




Game Grumps Animated - Pass the Mustard, Batman - by Zone-Sama

Pass the Mustard, Batman is an official episode of Game Grumps Animated by Zone-Sama. It uses audio from the similarly-named Pokémon FireRed episode Pass the Mustard.

The Animation Edit

Arin and Danny are dressed as waiters. Danny tells Arin that Morgan Freeman is sitting at a table. Danny theorizes it would be embarrassing if Freeman asked an unmasked Bruce Wayne to pass the mustard at the table. Wayne looks shocked by this as Arin and Danny laugh. Wayne starts to feel nervous because he can’t pass the mustard and reveal his secret identity. On the other hand, Freeman needs the mustard. Freeman continually addresses Bruce as Batman, digging him deeper as he indicates an iced tea that only he has. Everyone else at the table awkwardly stares at Bruce throughout this ordeal and Arin and Danny continue to laugh. Eventually, Bruce leaves for the bathroom to never return. The bat signal is even replaced with a sign that resembles iced tea.

In the stinger, Batman meets with Commissioner Gordon in costume, and gets caught off-guard when Gordon calls him Bruce.

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