Patti's Mayonaise
Patti's Mayonaise


Game Grumps Animated



Origin (Game)

Super Monkey Ball

Origin (Episode)

Amateur Hour


Release date

March 12th, 2015




Grumpcade Animated - Patti's Mayonaise - by Shmorky

"Patti's Mayonaise" is an episode of Grumpcade Animated by Shmorky. It features audio from the Super Monkey Ball episode "Amateur Hour".

The Animation Edit

Ross wonders what people are doing at the burger place, to which Barry explains that they're "playing Patty Cake." Ross suggests that they should be playing "Patty Burger" or "Patti Mayonnaise" from "Doug" instead. Barry and Ross bring up how gross the name sounds, with Ross noting that it reminds him of semen. While Arin aimlessly wanders off a cliff, Ross jokes about how he can imagine jerk kids in the show using mayonnaise as a double entendre when talking about Patti Mayonnaise. Doug (from the TV show Doug) calls this gross because he supposedly doesn't understand that it's a double entendre. Arin says "Next time on Game Grumps," before quickly correcting himself to Grumpcade. Ross is quick to point that this is the first time Arin has confused his shows on Grumpcade, and demands this fact be put on the Game Grumps Wiki along with "Arin Hanson is fucking stupid."

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Put it on the Wiki!

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