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A personal computer (PC) is a machine used to access the internet, and in some cases, play video games.

On Game GrumpsEdit

PC games are the focus of Steam Train. With the exception of three games played on the Steam Train spin-off Stout Train, Steam Train features exclusively PC games. While Steam Rolled originally featured console and PC games, it changed to feature only PC games following the introduction of Grumpcade.

The PC game World of Warcraft is the focus of the five-part series Guild Grumps.

A handful of PC games have been featured on other shows. Prior to Steam Train's introduction, Jon and Arin had played the PC demo of Shovel Knight on Game Grumps and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare for the PC on Game Grumps VS.

Since Steam Train's conception, few PC games have been featured on Game Grumps. Danny and Arin played the PC Indivisible demo on Game Grumps. They also played the PC versions of Dark Souls III and Doom on Game Grumps, although console versions of these games do exist.

Two PC games have been featured on Grumpcade, Spelunky and The Jackbox Party Pack 2. The Game Grumps played the Steam versions of these games despite console versions of them existing.

Games playedEdit

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