Phantom Fighter
Series Game Grumps
Console NES
Episodes 1
Playlist One game; one episode.
Run October 24, 2013
Status One-off
One-Off Game Guide
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Phantom Fighter is a game played by Danny and Arin on Template:Game Grumps.

The game was sent into the show by Ralph O.


Game Information Edit

Phantom Fighter (霊幻道士 Reigen Dōshi) is a video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989 in Japan, and in April 1990 in the United States.

The Japanese version is based on the 1985 film, Mr. Vampire (Reigen Dōshi being the Japanese title of the film). As a kung-fu master, the player must fight through eight towns filled with Kyonshi (each with a unique town boss). A small selection of items, and a large selection of fighting moves could be used on the enemy. The game also included a hidden character that made the game much more difficult, a baby kyonshi or "Conshi."

Instead of keeping track of available items, the game's inventory screen tabulates all the possible items in the game. It is possible to ask the in-game assistant to give the player the game's strongest weapon (the Sacred Sword) only for the game to reject the player because he never collected it. An infinite amount of continues are available to complete the game.

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