Phone Call with Miyamoto


Game Grumps Animated


Cas van de Pol

Origin (Game)

Super Mario 3D World

Origin (Episode)

Fart Eating


Release date

January 29, 2015




Game Grumps Animated - Phone Call with Miyamoto - by Cas van de Pol

"Phone Call with Miyamoto" is an episode of Game Grumps Animated by Cas van de Pol. It uses audio from the Super Mario 3D World episode "Fart Eating".

The Animation

Danny questions where a certain area in Super Mario 3D World goes, and Arin tells him to call Shigeru Miyamoto to find out. He gives Miyamoto (voiced by Arin) a call, who spends most of the call saying random things with a stereotypical Japanese accent, and absentmindedly finding himself in Mario's world. He is eventually captured by Bowser and caged alongside Peach.


Dan: ...but you do, though.

Arin: Rosalina never would've gotten that, though.

Dan: Does it just lead to into the abyss over there?

Arin: I dont...I don't know, ask the fuckin' game designers.

Dan: Do you want-?

Arin: Why don't we call up Shigeru Miyamoto right now.

Arin (as Miyamoto): Herro?

Dan: Hi, Shigeru.

Arin (as Miyamoto): Yesu!

Dan: This is, uh, Danny from Game Grumps. I was wondering if, uh...

Arin (as Miyamoto): Wait, hwuat?

Dan: Uh, Game Grumps.

Arin (as Miyamoto): Who is a Game-a Grump-u?

Dan: Game Grum- Oh, I'm sorry...Glame Glumps.

Arin (as Miyamoto): Ohhhh!! Guh-lame Glumps!

Dan: I didn't see where you were going with that.

Arin (as Miyamoto): Oh, sugo!

Dan: (laughs) You racist.

Arin (as Miyamoto): Sugo- ... eehhhhh ... ehhhh.

Dan: I know, right?

Arin (as Miyamoto): Watashiwa Mario Maker desuuuu!

Dan: I'm sorry?

Arin (as Miyamoto): Quadriplegicu!

Dan: What?!

Arin (as Miyamoto): Whatu?

Dan: (laughs)

Arin (as Miyamoto): What words come out of my mouth-u, I dunno!

Dan: Tell me something, Shigeru.

Arin (as Miyamoto): What-a question do you want to ask-a me...

Dan: (laughs) Stop!

Arin (as Miyamoto): ...creator of Mario, Luigi, and-a Zerldaaa?! ... WHASSUUUP!!

. . .

Arin (as Miyamoto): Stanku beetchu! 


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