Polaris, formerly branded as The Game Station, is a multi-channel network on YouTube, concentrating mostly on games, but also other topics such as movies and comics. It is part of the Maker Studios network, which in turn is owned by the Walt Disney Company.

The Game Grumps were partnered with Polaris from mid-2013. As of January 2016 this partnership is no longer in effect.

History with Polaris Edit

The Game Grumps were first revealed to be part of Polaris in POLARIS: COMING SOON, which included a part of the original Game Grumps Intro. In the Polaris welcome video, the updated Game Grumps Intro was shown, along with a scene from Ode to Jon, as well as scenes from JonTron videos, revealing Jon is also a member of Polaris.

Jon and Arin piloted the Jaeger "REDFLAG HOROWITZ" on the Polaris Pacific Rim - Training Day video. Other members featured in the video are Jesse Cox, Dodger, HuskyStarcraft, and TotalBiscuit. They also appeared in the Making of Kaiju video alongside Commander Holly.

The Grumps, individually and as a group, are semi-regular guests on Polaris' FriendZone live streams presented by Dodger and Chad Quandt.

Arin and Danny are two of the four let's players featured on Polaris' Summer of Arcade LIVE series of livestreams, along with Jesse Cox, Raychul Moore, and hosted by Lisa Foiles.

Arin and Danny were guests in the fourth PAX Wrap-up, along with Vaecon.

Arin, Suzy, Danny, and Ross participated in Polaris's Rayman Legends Kung Foot Tournament. Danny and Ross lost in the first round, and Arin and Suzy lost in the semifinals.

In an episode in early 2015, Arin and Danny told the Lovelies that they were no longer allowed to sing copyrighted music on Game Grumps. A few videos were taken down because of such copyright strikes, but they were reinstated in April 2015 alongside the announcement that the Grumps were allowed to sing again. The Grumps have not revealed who ordered them not to sing, but Lovelies have speculated that Polaris delivered the ultimatum.

In early 2016, some viewers noticed that the Game Grumps channel was no longer listed as being a part of any multi-channel network on Youtube, leading to speculation that the Grumps may have left Polaris. Brent, the manager of the Game Grumps team, confirmed this departure on Reddit. The reason for this may be due to the aforementioned copyright concerns, which were highlighted by Jesse Cox in a video he made regarding his own poor experiences with Polaris. As a result, new episodes of Table Flip are no longer being produced, as the show was co-owned by Polaris.[1]

References Edit

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