Game Grumps Animated



Origin (Game)

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

Origin (Episode)

Make It Ring


Release date

May 5th, 2016




Game Grumps Animated - Qatherine - By CrikeyDave

Qatherine is an official episode of Game Grumps Animated (or Grumpcade Animated in the intro) by CrikeyDave. It uses audio from the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles episode Make It Ring. In addition to Arin and Ross, this animation stars Jirard.

The Animation Edit

Arin and Jirard are chatting as Jirard plays Sonic 3. Ross suddenly asks Jirard what the hardest game he's ever completed was. He almost immediately says Catherine, which Ross is surprised by. Jirard also mentions that he beat it on hard mode (represented by a giant cinderblock with "hard mode" engraved on the block falling on the game and Jirard kneeling outside in the rain). Ross asks if it's hard because you have to cheat on three girls instead of two, which makes Arin and Jirard laugh. Jirard theorizes that the third girl would be Qatherine, who has a Q where for a head. Ross proclaims that Qatherine is her favorite of the Catherines, thanks to her anime hair and blob-like body. She's also somehow a fish girl who flails when taken out of water. What's more, she has a thing for people who look like Danny.

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